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Showhome photography. Harder than it looks…..

We do a lot of architectural and showhome photography, for clients ranging from The Sunday Times to Crest Nicholson and Oakdale homes.  (In fact,  you can see some of it on our home page!) The key to success is to make the end result seemless.  And that is a lot harder than it looks.  You need an almost custom approach to… Read More

MORE POWER!!! Calumet’s Power Block 900 review…

Calumet Power Block 900

Photographers need Power.    Without batteries photography doesn’t happen.   Photo flashes,  cameras,  laptops,  they all need power.  It’s out Holy Grail on location. (As well as a good latte…) Probably the biggest need is to power our speedlights on location.   The 4 poxy AAs that they have internally just don’t cut the mustard.   They don’t last… Read More