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Page One wants you to get the most from your photography,  and this includes getting the most value for money.

Of course the first step to getting value is to get the right quality,  and then get the right support.

We work hard to ensure that our quality is second to none,  and that you have access to this material quickly and in a format that works for you.  Our back office team is able to provide support rapidly, ensuring that the assets that you have paid for are available when you need them.  Our website is a excellent tool for obtaining maximum value,  its available 24/7 and provides full access to your images were and when you need them in the format of your choice.

As well as the right support and the best quality we work hard to try to foresee your needs and fullfill them before you ask for them.  For Instance,  all of our photographers are fully CRB checked,  a essential item if working with children or vulnerable adults.  All of our photographers have their own PPE gear,  this way you know that the people coming onto your site are properly kitted out.  All of our photography is produced on colour managed systems,  to ensure that your designers and printers get the right material for the job.

The majority of Corporate work that we do is fully copyright released,  meaning you can do what you want when you want with your pictures.  No more surprise fees or extras.

But what can we do to actually save you money?

We always try to be as competitive as possible,  but  we recognise  that in these challenging economic times you need to make the most of your photographic budget.  Here are our top tips to help us keep our costs down and pass on to you savings on the job you may be commissioning now,  and just as importantly, on future jobs.

1) Talk to us and Book early;  If you talk to us and book early,  we can ensure that the right resources are in the right place,  we can try to piggy back your work on other projects,  we can work with you to set up the best timings,  all of these things can help us to lower our costs on a job.

2) Fix the job details in place;  Changes to jobs at the last minute are inevitable,  however it is these changes that often can lead to a increase in your and our costs.  Fixing details in place as early as possible and sticking to these details will help to keep your and our costs down.

3)Brief fully and early;  Last minute briefs lead to increased costs,  if we can get a cheaper flight, or a cheaper train,  or hotel, or if we dont have to pay overtime,  then these savings can be passed on to you. Last minute booking always attract higher fees!!  So Book EARLY,  with as full a brief as possible.

4) Book Multiple jobs;  If you book multiple jobs AT THE SAME TIME,  early,  we will provide discounts.  If these jobs are related we can usually provide a package price for all of the work,  at an often substantial discount.  If you known that you will need a photographer in advance for a number of days or projects,  even if the details are not clear,  booking these days as a block in advance will attract a discount.    The key is to nail down the dates and make a firm booking.

5) Shoot the job as early as possible;  Dont leave the work to the last minute,  if we have to turn around our material on the same day,  or overnight,  then our costs increase.  Having 2 days or more to turn around the material can have a dramatic impact on our costs.

6) Watch for our special offers!!  We regularly provide special offers during slow periods,  in particular during school holidays such as Easter, Half Term, Christmas/New Year and August.  You will be notified of these offers by email as well as on this site.

7) Talk to us;  if you have a budget for a job,  talk to us.   Even if you think that it may not be enough for us to do the work,  you would be surprised what we can do if we get enough notice and have excellent knowledge of what we will be doing.

8) 8) Pay Promptly; If you pay your invoices late or outside of our terms,  then it increases our costs of service and makes it much harder to save you money.

In summation;  If you  book multiple jobs early with a full brief,   We can then give the best discount.

Remember if you have a special project,  talk to us early,  to get a great package deal.

The key thing is try not to leave things to the last minute.


Current Offers;

High Mileage Discounts;  On 2 and 4 hours jobs,  Mileage in excess of 150 miles will be discounted by 30%

Nottingham Press Pack;  Ask about our new Half hour “Press Pack”,  for those quick PR jobs.

GreenScreen Videos; Look for our Greenscreen days!   Our great chromakey kickstarter SVM video package,  great for small businesses to launch their video presence!