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Off Camera Strobism photography will lift your pictures from the mundane to the masterful,  and our strobism workshop is designed to give you all the knowledge you need to get started!

You will learn about about the different types of strobes, light modifiers,  types of triggers,  some basic positioning for single and double strobes,  how to use a camera flash off camera, camera settings, determining exposure…  In fact everything you need to get started.

Nearly every picture we make uses the techniques we are going to discuss.

Paul Daley,  Fighter.

Paul Daley, Fighter.

Whilst we hold this workshop in our studio,  we will be teaching you techniques you can use in your home.

The workshop has only a small number of spaces,  so attendees get a hands on personal experience with lots of oppportunity for interaction.

If you’re looking to produce great portraits,  or lift your product photography for ebay,  then this is the course you need.

The workshop runs from 10am until 4pm,  and includes lunch and refreshments.

Cost is £125

Contact us at training@pageonephotography.co.uk for more information or to reserve your spot!


We will be holding our next Green Screen day on January 30th.

If you have been thinking about some video for your business, then this is an excellent opportunity to have a high quality 90 second video produced at a very good price!

For an overview of why you should have video content as part of your digital and social marketing,  and the package you will get in conjunction with Shake! social,   have a look at this short video!



Visit our  overview website here  for a full explanation and booking details.

Having your video made is a simple process,  and the team here at Page One will help you all the way through,   Charlotte explains the process in this short video….




Here are a couple of examples of videos produced on our last Green Screen day.



And this is what Andy said about his experience…

“My Green Screen Day with Abi and her team was a great experience. They were totally professional throughout  and able to help me through pre-day preparation and guided me on-set to ensure all went smoothly. Abi encouraged me to run through the script a few times prior to arriving for the shoot and this made life a lot easier on the day.

This was my first Green Screen Day and I felt like it couldn’t have gone better. The team were well prepared and are a pleasure to work with, to the extent that you almost forget they are there when presenting to camera.”



And this is what Paul said about his experience…  and the results he has had from the video.

“There is no doubt that video marketing is one of the most powerful “prospect to client’ conversion tools available to business owners today, but just having a video is not enough – it’s got be good and it has to be seen.  And that is where Abi and the guys at Page One come in.

They offer great support leading up the the recording session, what to say, what to avoid, even what to wear and plenty of guidance afterwards as to how to get the most out of your video once they have worked their magic.

Professional, creative and great to work with they are the genuine experts when it comes to creating videos that get results. 

And best of all our conversion rates are significantly higher since we added the video”


We only have limited spaces on the day,  so please contact us to book your slot, either via the online form on our website here..   or by calling us on 0115 981 8880!

Did you know that we do Photography Workshops?

In addition to our Apprenticeships and Corporate training,  we also offer photography workshops to the public!

We now have dates for our first two workshops of 2015.

The first, Digital Photography 101,  is to help those either new to DSLR photography or those struggling to get the results they want.  We will “Demystify” your DSLR,  get it set up right and help you to understand how it sees colour and light….. all the essentials for getting consistent results.   We will teach you all about incident and reflective light,  what settings work best and most importantly how to use the camera manually!

If you got a new DSLR camera for Christmas,  this is a must attend event!

The next date for our Digital Photography 101 workshop is January 25th.  Start time is 10am,  and expect to finish around 4pm.    Price is £125 including VAT and lunch.


Our second workshop is Strobism 101.   If you’re keen to explore off camera flash and “Strobism” style photography,  but need some help getting started,  then this is for you!    We will go over all the gear needed,  including triggers,  strobes and flashes and of course modifiers,   then we will look at how to set the gear up,  including best settings for your camera,  and then basic light positioning for portraits.

By the time we are finished,  you should be fully capable of doing portraits using strobes  either at home or in a studio,  or even outdoors!

The next date for our Strobism 101 workshop is February  8th,  again with a 10am start,  finishing around 4pm.   Price is £125 including VAT and lunch.

Both workshops are held in our new offices/ studio in Nottingham.

For more information,  take a look here.  http://pageonephotography.co.uk/nottingham-photographers-blog/index.php/workshops/

Spaces are strictly limited to 6  and we are fully wheelchair accessible.

To book or for more information email; training@pageonephotography.co.uk



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