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Broadcast is dead!

When we talk about video we often will hear the term Broadcast bandied about, how we should be aiming for “broadcast quality”, or that YouTube can make us all broadcasters… But is broadcast actually relevant for a business which is trying to use video in its marketing mix? When we talk about Broadcast video, we… Read More

The God Lens. 35mm F2.


The circle is complete. For many years the technology has been driving photography,  digitisation has opened up new possibilities for photographers,  and we have seen the development of all sorts of new technologies and lenses that are supposed to make us better photographers. But we forget that actually photography is photography,  and no matter how complex… Read More

Our next Digital Photography 101 workshop is March 8th!

We will be helping more folks to demystify their digital camera on March 8th! This workshop is designed to get you using your digital camera in manual mode,  and teach you the basics of colour and light, allowing you to take control of your photography. We had this great feedback from Adam who recently attended… Read More